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Classic Rock Magazine (London) “Floyd devotees set the controls for arty grunge. …Although obviously conversant in UK 70’s prog, Portland’s William Weikart also knows his way round a doomy riff and a grunge melody. Switching from the sedated bad-dream drone of Zoe Zolofft to the lofty bombast of Cast Close the Gate, contemporary touchstones are Type O Negative and Mastodon’s artier moments. …When they stick to the more straight forward heavy psychedelia however, the results are exceptional and impressive.” - Tim Batcup Classic Rock Magazine (London) April 2009.
Classic Rock Magazine - Presents Prog! “…Obscured By Clouds unquestionably have immense potential. “Soft Cheeked & Worried is a classy melodic track that, along with the mellow acoustics of Love’s Love, hint at their hippy-trippy affinities. Faith’s Soul and Consider This A Message add some stoner rock, heavy psychedelic twists.” “…The band manage to create pieces that veer from the more extreme, doom-laden riffs to the occasional lilting ballad, and surprisingly it’s a blend that works well."
Creem Magazine & Detroit Metro Times "An ambitious prog-rock album where surface-sutured layers of trippy textures and trances melt into ominous simmering swatches of deep-seated psychotronic sensations before slowly coalescing together again." - Jeffrey Morgan Creem Magazine and Detroit Metro Times September 2008.
All Music Guide “Portland, OR based art rock band Obscured by Clouds clearly took their name from Pink Floyd's 1972 album of the same name. Their sound also reflects the spacy, electronic-induced psychedelia of that era with modern sound reinforcements and technological digital enhancements. William Weikart is the brain trust and founder of the ensemble, initially inspired when he saw Pink Floyd's Live at Pompeii, and took cues from the dreamy vocals of David Gilmour and sparse musings of guitarist Gilmour and bassist Roger Waters. He has also been influenced by progressive artists like the Doors, Tangerine Dream, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Morphine, and Soundgarden. Playing guitars, Fender Rhodes electric piano, synthesizers, and oscillators, Weikart formed a new personalized approach to Pink Floyd's music without covering their material, but instead attempting to expand on it from his own perspective. Initially with bassists Phil Baker and Ben Brown, and evolving with additional members Kevin Cozad on piano and synthesizers, Reinhardt Melz playing drums, Ian Wengs on bass, guitarist Matthew Bradley, and drummer Jeff Norton. In 2009 the album Psycheclectic was issued on the Psycheclectic label.” - Michael G. Nastos All Music Guide
Interview: Progression Magazine “Obscured By Clouds…employs a hefty dose of Pink Floyd influence as a launching pad…into space/psych /prog realms, which also summons hints of Nick Drake, Bowie on barbiturates, and Hawkwind. The band deftly dabbles in acoustic texturing amidst flowing symphonic atmospheres…. The sonorous, echo-laden “Faiths’ Soul” even brings Jimi Hendrix to mind at his most heavily psych-ic. All is delivered with melodic panache, save for the trippy ambient closer “Drip Feed.” This Oregon-based unit is led by multi-instrumentalist /singer William Weikart with assistance from others on drums, bass, brass, keyboards, sitar – even something called subsonic didgeridoo synthesizer (which also hints at the nature of this material). Make no mistake, Psycheclectic emphasizes strong song structures, so despite the mind-bending space /psych flourishes in arrangement and production, accessibility isn’t an issue. If symphonic psych-drenched space is your place, Obscured By Clouds is sure to please.” - John Collinge Progression Magazine Fall 2008.
Shindig! Magazine (London) “Tough, fervid and intense, at various times over the course of Psycheclectic they resemble a more inspired Soundgarden with a bigger paintbox (‘Cast Close The Gate’, ‘Consider This A Message’), a characteristically glowering Thin White Rope (‘Zoe Zolofft’) and an even more raucous Nomeansno (‘Hot Little Box’). …It’s surprising and instructive to discover how well their brawny, muscular, scruff-of-the-neck acid rock offsets and complements Mooch’s birdsong, sitars and British pallor. It’s an aural entente between UK and US psych templates, no less….” - The Reviews Editor Shindig! Magazine (London) December, 2008.
Blog Critics Magazine - Seattle Examiner Online “There is so much going on within this album that it takes many plays to fully explore the multi layers and sometimes disguised dimensions it contains. The production…is first class. …Both psychedelic and eclectic drawing from not only Floyd influences but releasing those energies and letting them go on their own journey…not only rewarding but is also fascinating and compelling. It is a brave move… “Cast Close the Gate” which opens with strident guitar work before developing into an extraordinarily accomplished track underpinned by some clever and effective drumming. “Love’s Love” appears with a wonderfully rich opening section and highly evocative lyrics.” - Jeff Perkins Blog Critics Magazine - Seattle Examiner Online ~ August 25th, 2008.
Blog Critics Magazine - Seattle Examiner Online “…The album takes great inspiration from Pink Floyd, but really stands with its own persona. …Obscured By Clouds takes what they heard and learned from Pink Floyd and adapted it to their own play. And the thing is, these kids rock. Using "psycheclectic" as a portmanteau of "psychedelic" and "eclectic" very much describes the album itself. …Different songs (would) be described as everything from classic rock to feedback experimentation to folk to perhaps even Celtic in its epic descriptions of landscape and emotional impact. “Soft Cheeked and Worried," …flows from stark acoustic guitar emulating the barren desert with splashes of piano and moves to electric guitar playing just on the edge of feedback. "Zoë Zolofft" works as an homage to Syd Barrett in a "song about a girl, a sitar, and modern pharmakinetics", creating the "sonic imagery of the splintered spokes of a broken and wobbling wheel." "Love's Love" calls up images of love personified "with a Floydishly acoustic accompaniment." - Jeff Provine Blog Critics Magazine - Seattle Examiner Online ~ July 27th, 2008.
Interview: INK19.com “When I first received Psycheclectic by the duo Obscured by Clouds, whose name comes from a lyric from a Pink Floyd song, my first thought was that this was going to be some drone-heavy electronic NyQuil. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually listened to it. It has a little bit of everything. The opening track, "Soft Cheeked & Worried," takes about a minute to get going, but once the acoustic guitar and piano get going, it starts to sound like the bastard child of Elton John's "Rocket Man." Then the vocals of William Weikart enter. He sounds like a darker version of Roger Waters. Especially on this track, the positive music and Weikart's cryptic voice counter each other to perfection. "Zoe Zoloft" is intentionally plodding with the drums, played by Poison Idea's Thee Slayer Hippy (I can't make this stuff up), keeping a heavy rhythm as if he just had his Zoloft. They follow that up with "Cast Close the Gate," a straight-up rocker with an eclectically electronic twist. It's like adding the lime to a Corona. It's already good, but they made it just a little better. "Faith's Soul" is a page straight out of A Perfect Circle's catalog. It's almost seven minutes long, filled with guitar solos, lyrics that could have come from a seedy back alley ("Statues of stone will be a witness against us/ I am a ghost, finite, and transparent... hollow") and an outro that could fill a stadium. Psycheclectic is a record that has a little bit of everything. It starts off like it could be acoustic or even alt/rock similar to Days of the New. But once you reach track three of this eight-track, 41+ minute album, you realize that you haven't even scratched the surface yet. One listen is not enough to get everything that Obscured by Clouds has to offer on this album.” - Tim Wardyn Ink 19 November 2008.
Expose’ (California) “So it’s no surprise that the eight pieces that comprise their album are a huge refinement of what was previously a live recording that caught international fans’ ears back in 1998 (Bleed). What was previously thought to be a mostly acoustic take on…the Floyd catalog…” obscure songs of early Pink Floyd, Zeppelin & The Doors now… “…has been refined with a full band sound evident from the slow building opening cut, “Soft Cheeked & Worried,” to fruition on songs such as “Zoe Zolofft,” which carries a familiar twisted Syd Barrett feel and delivery. At times the group sonically has common points with The Cure or even The Cult on hard rocking pieces such as “Faiths’ Soul,” “Hot Little Box” and the gritty “Consider This A Message.” Merely a few pastoral moments in common with the group’s debut disc are pursued on “Love’s Love.” Closing out the recording is the direst the band compositions, “The Drip Feed,” which successfully implies the bleak outlook of a hospital patient enduring hours of hopeless tedium. Overall the album is a huge step forward for the group. The band’s upcoming gig at LA’s infamous Whisky a Go-Go! could honestly be a major stepping stone for Weikart and his minions poised for international stardom and certainly wider acclaim.” – Jeff Melton Expose’ (California) Aug 2009.
The Portland Mercury “It's easy to forget in light of Floyd's gargantuan mainstream popularity, but their music originally came from truly weird, avant-garde origins.” (Which is the style of music Obscured By Clouds originally started with in 1997 with Bleed.) “…Fortunately, the band is at its most interesting when they drop the Floyd homage and play straightforward, propulsive rock, like "Cast Close the Gate," or the Cult-like "Faith's Soul," both from their new album, Psycheclectic, which celebrates its release tonight.” - NL The Portland Mercury August 21st, 2008.
The Portland Tribune “Dark, ambitious, brooding and atmospheric, it’s a bold and unique statement from a band that’s gotten the stamp of approval from Pink Floyd mastermind David Gilmour himself. The record is attention-grabbing from start to conceptual finish. You can bet money the record release show will be a brilliant affair.” - Barbara Mitchell The Portland Tribune August 21st, 2008.
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